Hey, I’m red. Writing has been my passion since elementary school. If you’re here to read some poetry or dive into a short story then this blog is for you. Grab your hot Cheetos, tequila, wine, whatever you drink, and unwind to my poetic memories and fiction.



I wish you had more time

Leaving earth with your sweet presence

My last seconds with you went by like the blink of an eye

Saying goodbye was so difficult

Time is too precious to be wasted

2 AM

Replaying in my head the day we met

Now that I contemplate you’re the one mistake I regret

I was always told don’t let anybody steal your joy

But here I am ignoring advice and puttin my time into a little ass boy

A grown ass man with a boy mentality

But guess what karmas a bitch and thats fuckin reality

I will never forget the pain and hurt you caused me

When will these niggas learn time isn’t free

I wanted you mentally and physically

But I guess the shit I wanted you couldn’t give to me

I put in my 100% but you gave me fifty

Should’ve know from the red flags that the so called love we had was iffy

For the Next guy I’m guarding my heart like Heimdall guards the bridge

And at last I see we’ve reached the end of this ridge

Moving on

Call me a slut, a bitch or even a whore

Your words mean nothing to me anymore

I let your insecurities and anger fuck up my mental health

Now I have found wealth

Not financially but in friendships

For a while I even went on a relationship cleanse

I see right through the nice guy facade

Good show round of applause

I could’ve let what you put me through destroy me

But I am free

Free of your chaotic and disrespectful ways

The long wasted days

On to bigger and better things

One day I will find my king

Friday Night

Like Beyoncé and Jay-Z we’re drunk in love

We seem to go together like a hand and a glove

We’re never sober

The month was October

Hope this high on life never comes down

Plenty of liquor especially brown

I’m a different person when I drink Hennessy

On your phone all the time when you’re supposed to be here with me

I wanna put my lips on your lips

While you firmly grip my hips

Make me feel like we’re the only two in the room

Making our way to the bedroom

Consume me like an edible

Lick til you get to the center so sensual

Stay on your knees I didn’t say you were done

Hit it like it’s a home run

Pull my hair while you rock the boat

I’ll be the vocals while you’re the singer hit it like a note

Nothing in the air but fire and desire

Whenever I’m with you you take me higher